PROGRAM - Initiative for Art and Architecture Collaborations

PROGRAM Carson Chan Fotini Lazridou-Hatzigoga

PROGRAM is a nonprofit project aimed at testing the disciplinary boundaries of architecture through collaborations with other fields. Initiated in 2006 by Carson Chan and Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga, PROGRAM provides a discursive platform for artists, architects, critics and curators to explore ideas through exhibitions, performances, workshops, lectures, and residencies. PROGRAM intends to enrich and broaden our definitions of architecture, and to challenge traditional, domesticated modes of architectural practice and representation. Developing each project independent of an overarching agenda, PROGRAM is striving to diversify the ways we understand and make architecture. Central to our project is to engage the discourse with emerging creative processes that activate the space between pure theoretical research, professional praxis and architecture's social role.

Occupying the ground level of former Russian Hotel Newa PROGRAM’s location in Berlin includes an exhibition space, offices, a reading room, studio spaces, and a residency.

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